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Some of our original ICUsteps Chester members shared their stories and we have now added the stories from some of our more recent CC-SN members.  


We hope that reading these will help others to come to terms with their own experiences, but please also come along to our Drop-In meetings where you will always find support and understanding.

Catherine's Story - I can remember having lots of dreams during my coma .........  Read More

Ian's story - I thought I simply had a cold or flu but........ Read More

Miles' Story - I was admitted to hospital with suspected Avian flu, it was discovered........ Read More

Jackie's Story - My husband, our younger daughter and I went skiing....... Read More

Tony's Story - I was rushed to A&E on 5 January 2017........ Read More

Tony C's Story - March 2020 i thought I had a cold a bad one .... Read More
Simon's Story - All of us are very different . A stay in ICU is life changing .... Read More
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