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I wrote this on my one-year anniversary of being home from hospital and rehab….

A lot has happened since December 2022…

ICU 6 weeks with

Diabetes bloods too high




Ear infection 

When in ICU had to have tracheotomy which I always tried to take out so they splinted both my hands so ended up with no grip or strength in both hands (still have issues)

Came out of ICU and 2 days later the nurses wheeled my bed up my dad who unbeknown to me was in next bay. He held my hand for a while and then passed away. I don’t remember but I wouldn’t leave him for 2 hours (that’s what I’ve been told)

Caught norovirus in hospital 

Woke up 9 days after my dad passed

Tried a small piece of banana with the woman who helps and it lodged in my throat so they had to do the Heimlich manoeuvre on me took 11 months to try another. It’s ok now to eat 

Had a seizure (no driving for a year)


Rehab where I learnt how to walk with Zimmer frame, talk and eat again.

Dumped most of day in a room on my own 

Physio 15 minutes daily except weekends 

Go it alone to walk


Then home

Marriage breakdown 

Did ICU steps active program where they do exercises first then talk later, thank you Rachel Zoe and Kate 


Moved in with my mum



Have physio on hands every 3 weeks but he is moving to a different area of hospital after my next visit, so got to start all over again

Walking, talking and eating is all improving slowly

Exercise program Monday and Wednesday with Jo and CCSN

Support group Thursday night (what a godsend)


Don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for my mum, family my friends that visit, take me out and messaged me/phoned me

Lost friends but gained friends 

Thank you to each and everyone for your continued support means the world to me

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