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Tony’s Story


I was rushed in to A&E on 5 January 2017 with very bad stomach pain and vomiting blood.  It turned out that I had a burst gall bladder with peritonitis, four quadrant contamination with sepsis.  I spent three weeks in ICU where I was given a 20% chance of pulling through.


Following ICU I was unable to stand and needed lots of physiotherapy to get walking again – this was provided by Sophie Horton and her team and I am most grateful for the effort and time they spent with me.


At the end of my physio I was offered the chance to join ICUsteps Chester’s Exercise Group.  I think it is a wonderful organisation which we are very lucky to have.  This was held at Lache Community Centre every week  These classes are free – funded by ICUsteps Chester.  


I would recommend these classes to anybody – they have made a real difference to me in building up my strength again.

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