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Arthur’s Story – written in his own inimitable style!


pre Covid i was with FSN  Fire support network as an outreach volunteer had just re passed my medical ..... so fit and healthy very active in the community  HERO and CHAMPION  THEN I WENT DOWNHILL     i staggered to the drop in and well dropped in and dropped out ..they sent me to Aintree no not the horses but the hospital ...consultant said i had hours to live as my vital organs were shutting down    told it was COVID  date oct 17th 2020 and collapsed again      awoke 48 days later out of my coma  .....singing speaking welsh shouts of Safle Bysiau or Bus Stop id been away to an ex girlfriends in south wales .  So hard to recall im still emotional in bits    ICU was 97 days only 2 visits  had to relearn everything  also i aspirated and had a oxygen incident and fell out of bed still attached to ventilator.      SURVIVING     I LEARNT ALSO that nurses turning me were also welsh re MT Ash the valleys got welsh link then   lucky as shift change next was Albanian nurses ......might have been moved to ward 25 re Geriatric ward only bed caused panic no plan for recovering Covid patients only just off ventilator  feeding tube and tracheotomy , not walking, talking still had chest drains re lungs damaged ......then after 110 days disaster Covid outbreak me bronchial pneumonia so isolated lost 3 in that bay ... finally respite ward 34 up to 134 days had to leave as i was open to new illnesses        So home after 3 Guards of HONOUR  WHEN I CRIED LIKE A BABY  the ICU had over 75 staff came to say goodbye  went on Facebook        thanks for reading this do get in touch if u were in a similar boat         big shout out to (CC-SN) and ICU steps Southport and my re enablement team and Sefton talking matters   

thank you


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