Daniel Graaskov arrived in my otherwise unremarkable life in the summer of 1980, and has been annoying me ever since - for instance, sitting next to me on the bus to school, asking me to be his Best Man at his wedding to Sarah, and most recently by taking a protracted stay in an ICU.

He's out now, and on the mend, but he and his family would have been considerably worse off if not for the Critical Care Support Network. This registered charity support people who have experienced critical illness either as a patient, loved one or health care professional. They provide a supportive space and free services to help people get back on track and on with their lives. Daniel and Sarah can't thank them enough.

And I'd be very happy if we can help them keep up this good work by supporting them with donations.

I've been running - sometimes away from Daniel - for many years. I've done the odd marathon and like to take part in our weekly 5k Park Run. However, I've decided to go for a bigger challenge, and on 2nd April I intend to complete the Testway Ultra. This footrace starts in Northern Hampshire and ends in Totton, Southampton. At 50 miles, it's a little bit shorter than two marathons, back to back. If you haven't heard of an ultramarathon, it's often been described an all-you-can-eat competition with some running in between. I'd love to say my training has been going great, but unfortunately an injury stopped it about 2/3 of the way though - however, I intend to do 3/3 of the ultra, by hook or by crook.  On the run, I will:

- Run continuously for 10 hours (maybe more if I start to enjoy it)

- Burn 5000 calories

- Lose 5 litres of water (about 9 pints)

- Require my heart to beat about 36, 000 more times that it otherwise would on a Saturday spent reading the paper

- Smell terrible

As I said, it will help me a great deal to know that CCSN are getting some extra support.

Thanks, and see you at the finish line!

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Please get in touch if you would like to support us or receive details of everything that we offer.  We will never pass your details to a third party.


Friday 29 APRIL 2022 at 8 pm 

Use the Contact Us page to get full details

Free to enter!  Prizes to be won!

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Many of us were in ICU for far too long! with too many days spent in a coma and time passing that we knew nothing about whilst our loved ones worried about us and the outcome. 

Critical Care Support Network works hard to help you make the best possible recovery from your illness following discharge from hospital – we all received great care there so we must make the most of it. 

We have been raising funds to allow CC-SN to carry on providing Exercise classes – Yoga – Relaxation – Drop-In meetings for Patients and Relatives as well as social events and more.

Last year, Miles Negus-Fancey, Daniel Graaskov,

Simon Newton-Smith and Jennifer Eiles all challenged themselves to complete walking or biking distances related to their time in ICU.  

They got friends, family and colleagues to sponsor them and have raised an incredible £5700!  

Congratulations and thanks to all of them

and their sponsors.

Who is going to take up the challenge this year?


Watch out for the 2022 date here!

Bartonfest is an incredibly generous local music festival that raises money for charities - including ours.

We are tremendously grateful for their donation of £6800 in 2021!

Our thanks to Liz Hinds and everyone who made this possible.

Chester Business Club Sponsored Walk
18 September  2022

chester buisness.png

We were so happy to be able to take part in this great event again last year - a little bit of normality - the weather was kind, the bacon butties were excellent as always, not to mention the liquid refreshments at the end!

Stuart Hughes of Birchall Blackburn Law Phil Dean and Janet Hurley raised a magnificent £1200.

So please get ready to take part this year - not long now!

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to everyone who has contributed to the incredible fundraising on this page, either through carrying out the challenges, sponsoring, donating or supporting Bartonfest.


All the activities the Group offers to former critical care patients and those close to them are FREE - that includes the Drop-In meetings, Exercise Groups, Relaxation Sessions and Yoga.  But of course the Group does have to pay the costs of these - therapists and trainers fees etc. insurance, and of course Zoom - what would we do without it!

Thanks to this amazing effort by so many people we can now plan our activities for the months ahead and add some new classes too.

Carrying out our aim of helping everyone to make the best possible recovery from their illness - whatever that was.