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Annual Prize Draw 2023 

1st Prize

 £250 of John Lewis vouchers to spend online or in store at John Lewis and Partners or Waitrose and Partners generously donated by Alderstone Solicitors   

2nd Prize

8x10 framed Print - 'Meadow trapeze' - a playful design of harvest mice balancing on corn in the meadows kindly donated by Fancey by Nature

3rd Prize

£50 voucher for two boxes of flowers delivered to your door kindly donated by Freddie's Flowers

Tickets £1.00 each. You can purchase tickets by contacting us at or 07955848596

To be drawn at on Zoom at our weekly drop-in Meeting 

on Thursday 30th March 2023 at 20:00

Reclaim our days graphic 1200x675.jpg


This is a personal challenge that is all about making something positive out of what will have been a testing time.  So if you have been in ICU for 10 days - could you bow walk 10 times round your garden or the local park for example.  Or now it is that time of year! could you make 50 mince pies and sell 5 to each of 10 people to raise funds for the Group?  Anything that challenges you and is appropriate to your stage of recovery is good.

Miles has certainly used his imagination – reflecting his 90 days in ICU he is doing a sponsored walk but VERTICALLY!  He is going to do 200 ascents of the wall at The Boardroom Climbing Centre near Chester which is 2200m  - double the height of Snowden in  North Wales.   Will you sponsor him?

Miles challemge.jpg

Chester Sponsored Walk

Stuart Hughes  of Alderstone Solicitors, Phil Dean, Mark & Julie Gray and Maria Healy completed the walk - and not forgetting Margot, Stuart's dog, who had a great time!  

£1472 raised so far - Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us!



to everyone who has contributed to the incredible fundraising on this page, either through carrying out the challenges, sponsoring, or donating.


All the activities the Group offers to former critical care patients and those close to them are FREE - that includes the Drop-In meetings, Exercise Groups, Relaxation Sessions and Yoga.  But of course the Group does have to pay the costs of these - therapists and trainers fees etc. insurance, and of course Zoom - what would we do without it!

Thanks to this amazing effort by so many people we can now plan our activities for the

months ahead 

Carrying out our aim of helping everyone to make the best possible recovery from their illness.

Please get in touch if you would like to support us or receive details of everything that we offer.  We will never pass your details to a third party.

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