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CC-SN Annual Prize Draw Prizes 2024 Final.png


to everyone who has contributed to the incredible fundraising on this page, either through carrying out the challenges, sponsoring, or donating.

Our special thanks to the

Anne, Duchess of Westminster Charitable Trust, and

Magic Little Grants for their support.


All the activities the Group offers to former critical care patients and those close to them are FREE - that includes the Drop-In meetings, Exercise Groups, Relaxation Sessions and Yoga.  But of course the Group does have to pay the costs of these - therapists and trainers fees etc. insurance, and of course Zoom - what would we do without it!

Thanks to this amazing effort by so many people we can now plan our activities for the months ahead 

Carrying out our aim of helping everyone to make the best possible recovery from their illness.


Its free to enter and there are prizes! -  M&S or Amazon e-gift cards - £10 for the first line and £20 for a full house.  You can spend them on-line or in store on anything that M&S sells or on-line from Amazon.

For details of how to get your Bingo cards  please  get in touch.  You will need to print them before the start on Friday.

Although it is free to enter, we need to know if you plan to play, we'll then send you log-in details on the day 

Use the Contact Us form on this website.

Please get in touch if you would like to support us or receive details of everything that we offer.  We will never pass your details to a third party.

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