Welcome to Critical Care Support Network

We are a Support Network

for anyone who has experienced critical illness with a stay in any Intensive Care or HDU.


We aim to support former patients, their family and those close to them. 

We started out four years ago as ICUsteps Chester offering face to face Drop-In meetings every 6 weeks for people in our local area.

Demand grew and we moved to monthly meetings and added exercise classes.  Then the pandemic hit and we moved all our services to Zoom.  We found people from around the country accessing the Group, looking for help that wasn't available locally. Our members have voted to continue this way of working.

Having Chester in our name discouraged many people from contacting us for help so we now have a new name but still the same aim - to help as many former Critical Care patients as possible on their road to recovery - whatever their illness has been.

We have informal Drop-In meetings, Exercise sessions and Yoga plus occasional Relaxation workshops. 

All the services we offer are FREE to our members and their families.



    Whatever the level of lockdown or restrictions we are open!

    Our Drop-In Meetings take place every Thursday evening on Zoom. 

    Plus we have a Relatives Drop-In every Tuesday evening.

    Everyone is welcome - the screenshot above was taken  at one of our recent meetings.

    We have on-line Exercise classes at Starter, Intermediate and Advanced level currently on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings

    and Gentle Yoga on Friday mornings.

    Visit our pages for full information on all our activities and use the Contact Us page

    to get log-in information.

    Our aim is to help you make the best possible recovery from your illness.