...Have you ever stopped to wonder what is meant when someone is described as ‘critical but in a stable condition’?  It is a person teetering on the edge of life, kept alive by an array of life support machines and surrounded by a helpless group of relatives and friends.

You are welcome to join our network if you have experienced critical illness either as a patient, loved one or health care professional. We understand the long-term effects of an HDU or ICU admission because we have experienced it ourselves. As patients, we have numerous common legacies ranging from muscle weakness and exhaustion to neuropathy and brain fog. The psychological impact of ICU delirium and such fundamental debilitation can’t be underestimated. The resulting conditions can take a great deal of time to come right and in some cases never fully repair.

Families and friends are torn apart by the relentless rollercoaster of uncertainty that seems to go hand in hand with critical illness.


The aftermath of such severe illness is felt long after discharge from hospital with family members remaining on tenterhooks as they watch their loved one struggle to recuperate from such a weakened standpoint. They mention hyper vigilance or anxiety, many experience depression or are diagnosed with PTSD as a result of their ordeal.


As former patients, we were supported superbly whilst in hospital but, invariably, there is little provision for rehabilitation once we have returned home. Even when there are follow-up services, this may only last for a fairly short period of time and certainly doesn’t meet the needs of many of us.


Our aim is to help you as you recover, no matter what your limitations or capability may be. We know that being able to discuss and identify similarities, in a safe and supportive space, has helped us mend and reconcile ourselves with what has gone on, but that is only the beginning.


We are constantly developing and improving a variety of sessions intended to aid us on the long trudge back to restoring our previous lives.

All of the services we offer are free to former patients and their loved ones because we recognise that a critical care admission is rarely planned and household finances can be put under enormous strain due to this.

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